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Eye Bag Cosmetic Surgery








Ask: I have puffy upper eyelids which make me look sleepy, is there any way to improve this?

Dr UT said: Of course there is! The eye is always the focus point; many people wish to have a pair of big, attractive eyes. However, generically, the Asian is structurally different due to increased fat in the upper eyelid and the presence of a pretarsal fat pad, furthermore the eye lashes are not upwardly curled. Hence it gives people a sleepy and tired eyes look. In order to improve the condition, you may consider plastic surgery for creased eyelids, instead of spending 10 minutes everyday in front of the mirror trying to DIY.

Attention, from the side view, you can see that the levator aponeurosis and depositions of fat are different in an un-creased eyelid as compared to creased eyelids. In a creased eyelid, there appears to be a strong natural adherence between the front of the tarsal plate and the back of the skin created by fibrous connections that pierce the orbicularis muscle. These connections are weak or absent in an un-creased Asian eyelid. When a creased eye opens and the levator muscle pulls upward, this skin is lifted higher as a single tight unit, allowing the higher non-adherent skin above it to drape down over it and generate the crease.

Eye Bag

Ask: I heard that after (double eye lid) creased eyelids surgery, the eyelashes will be more curly and prominent, is that true?

Dr. UT said: Un-creased eyelids when open, the heavy eyelids will cover the eyes at about 2~3mm and will push the eyelashes down. After surgery, the eyes will appear bigger and lift up the eyelashes and make lashes look more curly.


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